About Us

Today Stainless Steel Solutions celebrates 5 years of being in business as a division of Alaark Tooling & Automation Inc. Stainless Steel Solutions began its independence in April of 2009 by moving to a 6,600 square foot facility located in the Town of Sheboygan Business Center. As the stainless steel business grew we took a proactive approach to provide our customers a contamination free, non-ferrous facility utilizing the same service and capabilities they were used to receiving from Alaark.

While sharing capabilities with Alaark, Stainless Steel Solutions hosts a handful of employees, including experienced engineers / designers and multi-talented, hard-working technicians. We employ CNC equipment and the latest CAD software to meet all of our customers’ needs. 

Stainless Steel Solutions (SSS) and Alaark Tooling & Automation’s Mission: 

Stainless Steel Solutions, a division of Alaark Tooling & Automation, Inc. is an industry leader focused on maximizing your productivity. While emphasizing workplace safety and personal development, we will continually improve our products and services through innovation and creative thinking to meet our customers’ needs. Stainless Steel Solutions and Alaark relentlessly strive for on-time delivery of the highest quality product, and believe that following this mission will allow Stainless Steel Solutions, Alaark and our business partners to prosper.