We have a wide variety of engineering capabilities that are derived from a combined 55 years of experience. Our employees have varying backgrounds that include sanitary design, tool & die, fixtures, industrial machinery and electronics. The engineering staff will coordinate all aspects of a project; from design and manufacturing, to shipment, installation and training.

Stainless Steel Solutions proudly uses the latest version of SolidWorks design software. Our engineers are mindful of cost, material properties, manufacturing processes, assembly techniques, ergonomics and sanitary design principles. 3D models are imported into our CNC software to ensure that all design features are accurately communicated throughout the manufacturing process. Stainless Steel Solutions strives to deliver exactly what the customer wants and when they want it.

We have many years of experience using AutoCAD software, allowing us to support your 2D designs. Our engineers also utilize e-Drawings for customers that do not have versions of SolidWorks to review designs.

Stainless Steel Solutions can also Reverse Engineer individual parts, multiple parts or entire machine rebuilds.