Upgrade to Existing Equipment: 3 Sheep’s Brewing

The Story:

The owner of 3 Sheep’s Brewing walked into Stainless Steel Solutions wondering what we were about. A quick introduction was made and we explained the variety of things we do for other companies in the area, as well as the benefit our customers get from working with a local company who pays attention to service and efficiency.

We discussed some of the services Stainless Steel Solutions provides beyond the scope of this particular project. They need modifications to existing equipment, installation of new equipment, or possibly a move to a new facility altogether. Stainless Steel Solutions will be able to help every step of the way. 3 Sheep’s Brewing has a very high potential for continued growth.


Modify a customer’s existing equipment to increase throughput and add value. We needed to do this while staying within the budget of a small, but growing, brew company who is not yet ready to invest in the purchase of new equipment.


Knowing the brewery was in the early stages of growth and having limited resources, we worked with them in the repair and upgrade of the existing brewing equipment. We started by retrofitting the fill station for more capacity. Then we made modifications to a cooling system which shortened the time to complete this process. Making this change enabled them to shorten the overall process time. Stainless Steel Solutions was also able to make modifications and improvements to existing equipment in a cost effective and timely manner. Alaark provides similar services to a number of small local businesses, which helps them remain competitive in their markets.


  • Increased production
  • Shorter batch times
  • Faster fill time of bottles
  • An overall increased production

“They fully understand that when we bring something in for repair, it means we are down, and they work hard to get that repaired item back to us ASAP. The comfort that comes with knowing SSS can keep us running is priceless. We are very fortunate to have them as a partner.” -Owner of 3 Sheep’s Brewing